Anxiety: Me vs Me

I can remember it like it happened yesterday. I would be so excited for the first day of school. I loved school, especially elementary. I would go through zipping and unzipping my new book bag still with that fresh, brand new smell mixed in with the smell of the wooden pencils and the not soContinue reading “Anxiety: Me vs Me”

The Worst Wedding Crasher: Covid-19

If you would have told me two years ago that on the weekend of my wedding, the entire state of Alabama would be shut down with the exception of “essential businesses”, and therefore I would have to postpone my date until further notice, I would probably just nod and smile at you as if youContinue reading “The Worst Wedding Crasher: Covid-19”

I’m a Blogger!

Oh. My. Goodness!! I really can’t believe that I’m finally blogging. I know that I’ve been telling myself for years that I wanted to start, which would cause me to start tumbling down webpage after webpage and end up somewhere between totally overwhelmed, and doubtful of my entire vision. Everyone has an opinion. Oh, excuseContinue reading “I’m a Blogger!”