The Worst Wedding Crasher: Covid-19

If you would have told me two years ago that on the weekend of my wedding, the entire state of Alabama would be shut down with the exception of “essential businesses”, and therefore I would have to postpone my date until further notice, I would probably just nod and smile at you as if you were speaking a foreign language. Honestly. And yet, here we are. Now a month and 7 days after my wedding was supposed to take place, I still can’t believe that this is real.

Before I start my rant, I’d like to offer a disclaimer: this is not intended to offend or make fun of anyone affected by Covid-19. I recognize the seriousness of this illness and how it has affected many lives worldwide. This is just my personal feelings about how I too, was affected by Covid-19.

Back to my rant, I can’t think of a more rude, disrespectful, and unwanted wedding crasher than Corona. After all of that planning, researching, pinning on Pinterest, arguing with my fiancé about why I have to do all of the planning by myself, anxiety, and of course spending thousands (yes thousands) over my budget. All for nothing.

It was literally the week before my wedding when our governor declared a safe at home order, closing almost everything within minutes. Honestly, I thought about the wedding before I even thought about my own job. But after trying to grasp how my life had basically changed in seconds while mimicking my toddler’s terrible-two-tantrum in the car, I had to face the sad reality that it was just not going to happen. I was devastated.

My wedding planner (bless her) instantly began brainstorming, coming up with inventive ideas to attempt to keep me from becoming a real life Bridezilla and eating the entire state. But I just couldn’t let go of my dream wedding! I had envisioned this since I was a little girl. She kept trying to reassure me that even though it might end up different than originally planned, the ceremony would still be beautiful because it would be about us. And yes, that was so true and sweet, but did you hear me say thousands over budget? Of course we could have eloped in our back yard and it would have been beautiful— and free. But I’m not eloping for thousands. I’m not.

Nevertheless, we made the decision to push the wedding back, hoping that by summer, things would be back to normal. But my fiancé insisted that we go ahead and legally get married anyway on our original date which was another reason why I was so hurt about having to push the date back since our date was significant to us. April 4th, in numerology represents the number 8, which is the infinity sign. We wanted to keep that infinity or forever essence around us because we had agreed that whenever we got married, we would stay married. No divorce. We were on  a mission to be a positive example for our kids, to give them a different perspective of what a family looks like; that you can be with one person and be happy and fulfilled. Forever. This is why I say my wedding planner is just heaven sent. I don’t remember anything besides casually mentioning that we were going to go ahead and sign our paperwork on our original date to get married. Not only was she thrilled, but she invited us to her office to have the paper work signed with our notary. Once we arrived, we walked into the room and saw she had arranged a beautiful, mini wedding ceremony just like I had planned with her. She had a candlelit, 3-course dinner for the two of us. Our wedding cake was on display next to  two champagne glasses, while our wedding playlist played softly in the background. After we signed the paperwork and the notary stamped the seals, our first dance song, A Couple of Forevers, began to play. I could not stop crying. It was absolutely perfect.

After everything, I realize in the heat of the moment, that we get caught up in the commotion and forget what’s most important. Yes, we had went over the budget, but that was during “normal” times when we were sure that we could make it up because we had jobs. And then suddenly things changed. Everyone deals with things differently and in their own time. Today, I can truely say that we were blessed to not have gotten sick or know anyone who even knows anyone who’s gotten sick from this virus. We’re thankful for our lives and our opportunities to still be creative to enjoy our lives in even the most uncertain times. For now, I’m still waiting to see if we will ever be able to have the  wedding or not.

We call these times uncertain, but remember that each day is a gift, no one can really be certain of anything, no matter what the times are, so don’t waste it. Make the best out whatever circumstance that you are faced with and appreciate today. Until next time!

love ya!



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